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Conductivity Electrodes and Probes.
Conductivity Sensors and Electrodes for Conductivity Meters.

Electrodes for conductivity meters to measure different levels of conductivity.

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Conductivity measuring cell LF413TIDS

Conductivity measuring cell LF413TIDS For versatile applications. IDS ® 4-pole cell, plastic sh...
From $1,093.00

Portable conductivity meters, Portamess ® 910 Cond series, accessories

Conductivity sensors SE 202 Laboratory conductivity sensor with 4 electrodes, graphite electrode mat...
From $929.00

Conductivity Cell Probes

You have the application - we have the measuring cell! With the conductivity measuring cells by WTW, measurements of 0.0001 µS/cm to 2 S/cm are not a problem. The unique 4 electrode measuring cell compensates for possible contamination and polarization effects.
From $713.40

Conductivity measuring cells

Conductivity measuring cells With plastic shaft and internal temperature sensor NTC30 kOhm, temperat...
From $656.00

Conductivity sensors InLab ® for Mettler Toledo conductivity meters

Conductivity sensors InLab ® for Mettler Toledo conductivity meters 710: 4 platinum poles 720 +...
From $597.00