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Conductivity Solutions and Calibration Buffers - Keep your Conducivity Meters and Electrodes Calibrated

For all your conductivity calibrations, we have the solution! Conducitivity calibration solutions from leading brands including SI Analytics, and Reagecon. Our conductivity buffer solution will make sure your conductivity meters are always provding accurate readings.

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Conductivity standards with certification

Conductivity standards with certification Traceable to NIST Certificate including actual value an...
From $188.00

Conductivity testing solutions

Conductivity testing solutions Values stated at 25°C. Supplied in containers as indicated. Accur...
From $66.00

Conductivity Standards

Conductivity Standards Conductivity standards Tested and ISO17025 certified at 25 °C. Uncertaint...
From $51.00

Conductivity standards

From $36.00

LLG-Conductivity Solutions

LLG-Conductivity Solutions Values stated at 25°C: Accuracy ±1% Directly traceable to N...
From $20.00