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Disposable Plastic UV Cuvettes

Plastic Laboratory Cuvettes

Large range of high quality disposable plastic UV cuvettes suitable for biotechnology and life science applications. LabFriend sources brand new disposable cuvettes from leading brands including BRAND, Eppendorf, Hellma and Kartell Plastics.

Our large variety of disposable cuvettes are available in a number of different plastic formulations to suit your requirements including polystyrene, polypropylene and even exotic formulation.


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UV cuvette UVette ®

From $352.00

VIS cuvettes Eppendorf ® , PMMA

VIS cuvettes Eppendorf ® , PMMA The Eppendorf ® Vis Cuvettes are disposable cuvettes made o...
From $346.00

UV cuvette UVette ®

UV cuvette UVette ® The plastic material of the UVettes ® provides a transparency range of...
From $178.00

Plastic disposable UV-Cuvettes for the UV/VIS range

Plastic disposable UV-Cuvettes for the UV/VIS range UV-transparent plastic Brand cuvettes replace fr...
From $28.00

Cuvette rack, PP

Cuvette rack, PP Grey. 16 numbered positions. Autoclavable (121°C)....
From $23.00

Macro and semi micro cuvettes

Macro and semi micro cuvettes Sorted by mould cavity number. PMMA or PS. What does "sorted by mould ...
From $19.00

Disposable cuvettes

Disposable cuvettes Disposable cuvettes for spectroscopy, in optical-quality PS and UV grade PMMA wi...
From $14.00

LLG-Disposable plastic cells, PS

LLG-Disposable plastic cells, PS The shape and narrow wall thickness of the cuvettes enable an excel...
From $12.00