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Detection Devices for Thin-Layer Chromatography.

Check out our huge range of sprayers, detector lamps, spray boxes, test tube atomisers for reagents, UV irradiation system and viewing cabinets.

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Spray box with fan

Spray box with fan For spraying TLC plates with aggressive media. Housing made of acid-resistant PVC...
From $5,563.00

UV analysis lamp HP-UVIS ®

UV analysis lamp HP-UVIS ® For UV analysis without a darkroom. Inclusive UV shield. High-pressu...
From $5,389.00

HPLC Detector lamps

From $879.00

TLC Viewing cabinets, CN-6/ CN-15

TLC Viewing cabinets, CN-6/ CN-15 Model CN-6: for one or two UV hand lamps model BVL-6; choice of c...
From $565.00

Chromatography sprayer SG e1

Chromatography sprayer SG e1 Spraying with powerful and quiet pump.The finest spray is produced even...
From $354.00

Special atomiser, with rubber blowball

Special atomiser, with rubber blowball With rubber blowball for nebulising reagents. Can be connecte...
From $333.00

Test tube atomiser, glass

Test tube atomiser, glass Glass atomiser for nebulising small amounts of reagents. Atomiser can be i...
From $242.00

UV Lamp for TLC

UV Lamp for TLC UV Lamp with 2 tubes for different wavelengths. 1 on/off button for each tube Til...
From $170.00

ChromaJet DS 20

ChromaJet DS 20 Trace accurate spraying - economical and environment-friendly. ChromaJet DS 20 micro...
From $78.00


Sprayers Complete sprayer consists of an Erlenmeyer flask, 100ml, with NS 19/26, sprayer head, clamp...
From $19.00

Test tube sprayers, DURAN ® - tubing

Test tube sprayers, DURAN ® - tubing Made of DURAN ® - tubing. Consists of a test tube wit...
From $17.00