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Disposal Container SHARPSAFE<SUP>&reg;</SUP>, PP

- The container consists of two parts : a yellow body and translucent lid
- Safe, quick and simple 4 pressures assembly with 4 audible « click »
- Deconnection for all types of needle even for the scalpel blade and insulin pen
- 2 closure positions on the flip top lid: temporary and final closure
- Reopening of the temporary closure with a simple finger pressure on the lid
- Possibility to block to lid in the open position
- Safety flap for extra protection
- Clearly visible fill line on the translucent lid
- Safety area between the fill line and the opening of the container
- In-mould label which cannot be removed, even by autoclaving
- Handle for a safe transport
- Can be used in a ”single hand“ way
- Accessories: Trays, stands, hooks and brackets available
- Instruction of use on the label: German, French, Italian, Spanish and English
- Autoclaving valid to 134°C during 18 minutes for an empty and open container
- Conform to the new ISO Norme 23907:2013, TRBA 250, NFX30-500 and BS7320 in terms of resistance to penetration, drop impact and liquid resistance. ADR and NF302 certificated. Holder of the brand NF302
- Origin of the product : European Union