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Dissecting Scalpels

Dissecting scalpels and needles. disposable scalpels also available to purchase online. Perfect for histology applicatiions

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Tissue Vial CryoELITE ® , sterile

Tissue Vial CryoELITE ® , sterile The CryoELITE ® Tissue Vials are specifically designed fo...
From $510.00

Dissecting knives

Dissecting knives Wironit CrNi 18/12. Fine pattern. With metal handle....
From $148.00

Disposable razor

Disposable razor 1 blade, incl. protective cap....
From $85.00

Aesculap ® Safety scalpel

Aesculap ® Safety scalpel Reducing the risk of infections caused by cuts and stab wounds suff...
From $38.00

Dissecting needle holder

Dissecting needle holder Wironit CrNi 18/12. For specimen loops and dissecting needles up to max. d...
From $30.00

Blood lancets Solofix ® , sterile

Blood lancets Solofix ® , sterile For single use. Sharp, flexible lancet made of V2A supra steel...
From $9.00

Scalpel blades, non-sterile

Scalpel blades, non-sterile For scalpel handles using the BAYHA interlocking system. Sterile scalpel...
From $9.00

Scalpels, disposable Cutfix ®

Scalpels, disposable Cutfix ® Sterile. For cleaner, smoother, more accurate incisions. Excelle...
From $9.00

Dissecting needles

Dissecting needles With plastic or metal handle. Length 140mm....
From $8.00

Scalpel handles, stainless steel

Scalpel handles, stainless steel For interchangeable, disposable blades using the BAYHA interlocking...
From $6.00
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