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Dostmann electronic

Dostmann Timers, Thermometers, Data loggers

Economical Handheld Instruments. Laboratory Essentials

Dostmann are known for their small electronic appliances such as timers, data loggers, thermometers, hand held gas meters, measuring humidity and air pressure. They have a large range of products for many applications, from use in the field and the laboratory. 

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3-channel-short period timer

3-channel-short period timer Indispensable for laboratories. Triple timer with large display. Indic...
From $46.00

Digital pocket themometer ThermoJack / ThermoJack PRO

Digital pocket themometer ThermoJack / ThermoJack PRO Foldable pocket themometer, watertight. Ideal...
From $50.00

Infra-red thermometer ScanTemp 385

Infra-red thermometer ScanTemp 385 With IR thermometers you can measure surface temperature. A short...
From $99.00

Infrared thermometer, DualTemp Pro, with penetration probe

Infrared thermometer, DualTemp Pro, with penetration probe For simple, rapid, non-contact, temperatu...
From $202.00

Infrared thermometers, ProScan 520

Infrared thermometers, ProScan 520 highest precision due to special glass lens (spot size up to a ...
From $511.00

Infrared-Thermometer Slim Flash

Infrared-Thermometer Slim Flash Non-contact temperature measurement via infrared. Response time 1 se...
From $50.00

Laboratory Max./Min. thermometer

Laboratory Max./Min. thermometer Display of current, highest and lowest temperature, hold function,...
From $38.00

Infrared thermometer Mini-Flash

Infrared thermometer Mini-Flash Compact and easy to use. Surface temperatures of hazardous samples ...
From $67.00

Precision handheld instruments P700 series

Precision handheld instruments P700 series For temperature, moisture and airflow. For highly accurat...
From $359.00

Radio controlled wall clock

Radio controlled wall clock Highest precision radio-controlled clock Analogue display with second...
From $62.00

Short period timer

Short period timer Electronic timer and stopwatch with large display and 10-key setting. Counts up o...
From $28.00