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Need a Draeger Gas Detector? Air Sampling Equipment and Draeger Tubes

Need a new Draeger Tube? Draeger Safety Equipment and Sampling Used World Wide

Draeger air samplers are widely used throughout industry and laboratory applications. Draeger air sampling tubes are an industry standard in sample air testing.

The Draeger motto is "Technology for Life" and they have adhered to this for over 120 years.  Originally starting as a family business, Dräger are well known as a leader in the medical and safety technology fields.  They operate out of America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

LabFriend are proud to be associated with a company such as Draeger and offer a range of their equipment at very impressive prices. Products on offer include air flow testers, sampling tubes, both half and full face masks, particle filtering and gas detection.

Product Information, Images and Logos of Dräger displayed on LabFriend are registered trademarks owned by Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA.

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Tube Water Vapor 3/A 3-60 Lbx/ mm CF (Pack of 10)

Dräger-Tubes are the best example for a short-term gas measurement system – and not without good reason, for over seven decades, Dräger, the leading tube manufacturer, has perfected its “laboratory behind glass”; and the more than 100 million tubes sold in the last ten years are testimony to the satisfaction of our customers.
From $155.63

Dräger PAS® AirPack

Dräger PAS® AirPack
From $8,443.64

Dräger Sampling Tubes

Dräger Sampling Tubes Using the Dräger activated charcoal tubes or silica gel tubes, hazar...
From $120.00

Gas detector X-am ® 2500

Gas detector X-am ® 2500 The Dräger X-am ® 2500 is a small lightweight 1-4 gas detect...
From $376.00

Half mask X-plore ® 4700

Half mask X-plore ® 4700 The Combitox Nova (tested to EN 140) is the universal half mask for us...
From $43.00

Half Mask Twinfilter X-plore ® 3300, Chemistry set

Half Mask Twinfilter X-plore ® 3300, Chemistry set Safe and easy bayonet connection. A unique t...
From $95.00

CMS hazardous gas detection

CMS hazardous gas detection CMS's electronic microchip-measurement system is currently one of the mo...
From $155.00

Dräger-Tubes ®

Dräger-Tubes ® The Dräger-Tubes ® measuring system is the safe method for measur...
From $149.00

Dräger Aerotest Alpha

Dräger Aerotest Alpha The Dräger Aerotest Alpha allows the quality of breathing air suppli...
From $176.00

Test gas in disposable bottles

Test gas in disposable bottles According to ISO 9002.DOT39 and EN12205. Control valve not included, ...
From $450.00

Air Flow Tester

Air Flow Tester In many fields, such as mining or industry, it is very important to detect even the ...
From $74.00

Filter mask X-plore ® 1700

Filter mask X-plore ® 1700 Filter material CoolSAFE™ for protection against solid and li...
From $4.00
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