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Drum pumps

Lightweight and powerful drum pumps for transferring small amounts of aqueous liquids - choose from manual or digital, with a wide range of accessories also available. Available in various flow rates and sizes from various big brands, such as Buerkle and Lutz.

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Gas-tight Barrel pump

Gas-tight Barrel pump With flexible discharge tubing for drawing off into larger canisters and conta...
From $1,521.00

Drum pumps, mains-powered

Drum pumps, mains-powered For safe handling of environmentally hazardous and aggressive liquids as w...
From $1,455.00

Solvent pump foot operated

Solvent pump foot operated for barrels up to 220L (fully adjustable) for dispensing ultrapure sol...
From $885.00

Flow meter

Flow meter Easy to use, compact, and can be rapidly assembled to all drum and container pumps. This ...
From $850.00

Solvent pump hand operated

Solvent pump hand operated For contamination-free, dispensing of organic solvents and flavouring a...
From $808.00

Barrel pumps AccuOne and EnergyOne

Barrel pumps AccuOne and EnergyOne Bürkle barrel pumps AccuOne and EnergyOne with the unique hy...
From $761.00

Barrel pump, PTFE

Barrel pump, PTFE For ultrapure and aggressive liquids. Made from solid, pure white PTFE, giving an ...
From $716.00

Drum pumps GLP 25

Drum pumps GLP 25 GLP 25 is your ideal helper for clean and safe liquid transfer from small containe...
From $512.00

From $422.00

Barrel pumps, stainless steel

Barrel pumps, stainless steel Stainless steel V2A and PTFE. For safe dispensing of liquids with a lo...
From $415.00

Drum pump PumpMaster

Drum pump PumpMaster Drum pump PumpMaster with gasket of FKM for acids and chemical liquid. The manu...
From $397.00

Barrel pumps, PP

Barrel pumps, PP For decanting acids, caustic solutions and aggressive detergents Excellent recov...
From $324.00