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Schott Duran Group - Expert in Lab Glass - Find A Schott Bottle in Every Lab!

Schott Duran Laboratory Glassware - Schott Bottle, Flasks, Beakers and More!

Duran glassware and schott bottles, beakers, flasks, and tubes are the preferred choice for in leading laboratories across the world due to their high quality materials and manufacturing process. For all your glassware needs, look no further than LabFriend

Duran Glassware has the the following features:

  • High raw material purity guarantees uniform glass properties
  • Decades of experience in the manufacture of laboratory glassware guarantees constant quality
  • Uniform wall thickness distribution in all areas of the article
  • Consequently, improved mechanical stability and improved resistance to temperature changes
  • Prevents stresses forming in the glass and possible bursting during heating and cooling
  • Advantages: improved safety for employees, longer service life of laboratory glassware, protection of valuable substances
  • Product traceability (Retrace Code)

Schott glass products are ideal for use in laboratories and large-scale industrial plants due to their high chemical resistance, high usage temperature, minimal thermal expansion and high resistance to thermal shock.

The Group combine the strength of over 120 years experience with the visionary spirit of Otto Schott, the inventor of borosilicate glass.

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Keck adapters KA 14

Keck adapters KA 14 Glass fibre reinforced thermoplastic polyester (PBT). Melting point 225°C. T...
From $13.00

Joint clips KECK, POM, for conical ground joints

Joint clips KECK, POM, for conical ground joints Melting point 175 °C. Excellent chemical resist...
From $6.00

Powder funnels, DURAN ®

Powder funnels, DURAN ® With short, wide stem....
From $23.00

Keck tubing clamps KT

Keck tubing clamps KT Thermoplastic polyester (PBT). Continuous control of flow rate in tubing with ...
From $5.00


O-rings VMQ silicone. With or without, FEP coating....
From $17.00

Quick-acting closures

Quick-acting closures Stainless steel. With three-part caliper clamps....
From $112.00

Joint clips KECK, POM, for spherical ground joints

Joint clips KECK, POM, for spherical ground joints Melting point 175 °C. Excellent chemical resi...
From $8.00

Spirit lamp

Spirit lamp Soda-lime glass. Flat conical form. With ground on cover. Without filling inlet, without...
From $1.50

Caps for narrow-mouth reagent bottles, PP

Tamper-evident caps for soda-lime square screw cap bottles, PP Blue PP. For square screw cap bottle...
From $4.50

KECK™ Clips for conical joints

KECK™ Clips for conical joints For applications with very high temperatures, the KECK™ s...
From $12.00