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Heathrow Scientific

Heathrow Scientific Lab Essentials and Plastiware - Brighten Up Your Lab!

Heathrow Scientific Lab Consumables Inlcuding Tube racks and Storage

Heathrow Scientific laboratory products and laboratory consumables such as their test tube racks, cold storage and plastic ware are renowned for their intelligent design with a focus to making Laboratory products ergonomic, lightweight and comfortable.  Their products are suitable for use in research, clinical, safety or industrial sectors. 

A range of Heathrow Scientific products are available from Labfriend.

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20- and 30-place Cardboard Slide Trays

20- and 30-place Cardboard Slide Trays Features thumb cut for easy slide removal. Cardboard slide t...
From $9.00

20-Place Slide Tray Rack, ABS

20-Place Slide Tray Rack, ABS Holds safely five of the 20-place slide trays. Ideal for microbiology,...
From $79.00

Microtube Rack 3-Way, PP

Microtube Rack 3-Way, PP Polypropylene racks connect to one another on each end. Snap together for m...
From $68.00

40/168-well PCR Rack, PP

40/168-well PCR Rack, PP Removable hinged lid fits both sides. Flip this polypropylene reversible ra...
From $88.00

50-/100-Well cryogenic boxes, EPS

50-/100-Well cryogenic boxes, EPS Inexpensive freezer storage. Lightweight 1.5ml to 2.0ml microtube ...
From $7.00

96-Well PCR Rack, PP

96-Well PCR Rack, PP Removable hinged lid lies flat. Perfect for pre- or post-PCR sampling. Sturdy p...
From $13.00

Economy Counters

Economy Counters Mechanical, benchtop counters are ideal for determining the number of cells, counti...
From $407.00

Rack for serological pipettes

Rack for serological pipettes Ideal for your serological pipettes. Use as individual units, or click...
From $140.00

Colony counter eCount™

Colony counter eCount™ Multi-function electronic counter with a Sharpie ® pen for marking...
From $70.00

Cool Containers True North ® , PU

Cool Containers True North ® , PU Rigid polyurethane container provides durability for chilling ...
From $125.00

Cryogenic box Work2Store™, PP

Cryogenic box Work2Store™, PP Reduce sample handling time and the need for several racks when ...
From $56.00

Cryogenic boxes, PP, 81 well, autoclavable

Cryogenic boxes, PP, 81 well, autoclavable Polypropylene box fits in standard freezer racks. Locate ...
From $13.00