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Heidolph Rotary Evaporators, Stirrers, Mixers, Homegenizers and More!

Heidolph rotary evaporators, hotplate magnetic stirrers, overhead stirrers, shakers and rocking products are all available from LabFriend at the best prices. Found in laboratories world wide, these quality laboratory products and are reknowned for thie high levels of usability and sophisticated german engineeering.

The rotary evaporators offer high levels of safety and are now found in both laboratories and kitchens around the world where superior levels of safety, ease of use and reduced cost of ownership through limited down time are critical for success.

As a leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment, Heidolph products are reliable, high-quality, worthwhile investments.  It's "Research made easy".

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Accessories for Magnetic Stirrers - Heat-On package

Accessories for Magnetic Stirrers - Heat-On package Multi-Well Holder and Inserts This unique Mult...
From $992.65

Hei-TORQUE Overhead Stirrer Series

The Hei-TORQUE Overhead Stirrer Series is ideal for standard stirring tasks. It has been designed to mix and disperse media that require non-reproducible results in high-viscosity applications.
From $1,359.77

Magnetic stirring hotplates MR Hei-Standard / Hei-Tec / Hei-End

Magnetic stirring hotplates MR Hei-Standard / Hei-Tec / Hei-End Safe Heating and Mixing The exten...
From $975.00

Reax 2 - Overhead Shaker

Complies with standards for the determination of elutriation with water. Quickly clamps in 2 vessels of any size and accepts load capacities up to 1 kg. Speed continuously adjustable from 20 to 100 rpm. Universal adaptor allows for the use of various vessels of 50 - 160 mm height. In addition, an optional adaptor is available for the use of 20 test tubes at a time.
From $2,367.47

MR Plug & Play Packages

MR Plug & Play Packages Safe Heating and Mixing Package MR Hei-Tec with Pt 1000 Magnetic Stirrer...
From $1,371.11

Heidolph Spare and Service Parts

Heidolph Spare and Service Parts
From $7.70

Accessories for shakers and mixers

Accessories for shakers and mixers Temperature Controlled Shaking...
From $21.00

Accessories for LABOROTA 4000

Accessories for LABOROTA 4000 Destillierspinnen mit Dest.-Hülsen...
From $12.00