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Accessories and reagents

Histology Accessories

Histology accessories including tissue embedding wax, mounting medium and microscope slide drying benches

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Paraffin Wax Dispenser, MH8523B

Paraffin Wax Dispenser, MH8523B Paraffin Wax Dispenser for histology and pathology laboratories. The...
From $4,135.00

Histology Freeze Plate HPLAT-30

Histology Freeze Plate HPLAT-30 Ultra-cold surface freezes samples quickly, reduces overall proces...
From $4,007.00

UV Exposure box EUKITT ®

UV Exposure box EUKITT ® The UV exposure box made of stainless steel is the ideal tool for the ...
From $2,318.00

Histology Bath HBATH-60

Histology Bath HBATH-60 Low working temperature freezes samples quickly, preventing microscopic ic...
From $775.00

Microscope slide drying bench, MH 6616

Microscope slide drying bench, MH 6616 Slide Drying Bench aids in the preparation of microscope slid...
From $371.00

Mounting medium EUKITT ®

Mounting medium EUKITT ® EUKITT ® mounting media are characterized by fast curing, crystal...
From $66.00

Histological staining solutions

Histological staining solutions Stains are delivered in 1000 ml bottles. Each bottle is sufficient f...
From $53.00

Tissue-embedding wax, PARAPLAST ®

Tissue-embedding wax, PARAPLAST ® Granules for embedding tissue. PARAPLAST PLUS ® additi...
From $23.00

Histofluid mounting medium

Histofluid mounting medium Histofluid is a water-clear adhesive of acrylic resins dissolved in xylen...