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Laboratory Oven and Furnaces - Carbolite and Nabertherm Furnaces

Laboratory Ovens For Every budget. Our Laboratory Oven Range has Everything

View our great range of Laboraotry ovens andd furnaces below, from brands such as Nabertherm and Carbolite. We have ashing off furnaces, muffle furnaces, rapid incinerators and tube furnaces. Purchasing a lab furnace or oven is a large long term investment for any organisation. With so many quality lab ovens and lab furnaces to choose from feel free to talk wonline with our customer service team. LabFriend will help your Lab select the best Furnace or Oven and ensure that your users achieve great results.

Muffle Furnaces, Tube Furnaces, Low temperature and High Temperature Ovens, LabFriend has them all!

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High-Temperature Ovens, Forced Convection Chamber Furnaces

These chamber furnaces with air circulation are characterized by their extremely high temperature uniformity.
From $28,111.47

RHF - High Temperature Chamber Furnaces

The RHF range of silicon carbide heated high temperature chamber furnaces comprises four chamber sizes, each available with three maximum operating temperatures of 1400 °C, 1500 °C and 1600 °C. Robust construction and high quality elements provide rapid heating rates (typically reaching 1400 °C in under 40 minutes) and a long reliable working life.
From $23,518.05

Infra-red furnace

Infra-red furnace The behr IRF 10 programmable infrared furnace 13 the optimum solution for many ta...
From $14,332.00

Laboratory high temperature ovens

Laboratory high temperature ovens maximum operating temperatures of 400°C, 500°C and 600&d...
From $13,855.00

Tube furnaces

Tube furnaces maximum operating temperature 1200°C tube diameters up to 110mm heated lengths...
From $11,877.00

High-temperature chamber furnaces with SiC rod heating HTC/HTCT 01/14 - 08/16 series

High-temperature chamber furnaces with SiC rod heating HTC/HTCT 01/14 - 08/16 series These powerful ...
From $10,225.00

Laboratory muffle furnaces M 104 and M 104 G

Laboratory muffle furnaces M 104 and M 104 G Tmax 1000°C, working temperature 300 to 1000°...
From $9,465.00

Chamber furnaces CWF

Chamber furnaces CWF maximum operating temperatures of 1100°C and 1200°C chamber capaciti...
From $8,019.00

Muffle furnaces, K114-series

Muffle furnaces, K114-series Tmax 1100°C, working temperature 300 to 1100°C Extremely sho...
From $7,690.00

Ashing/Burn off furnaces

Ashing/Burn off furnaces maximum operating temperatures of 1100°C and 1200°C AAF models: ...
From $7,495.00

Muffle Furnaces with Brick Insulation and Flap Door or Lift Door

Heating elements on support tubes radiating freely into the furnace chamber provide for particularly short heating times for these muffle furnaces. Thanks to their robust lightweight refractory brick insulation, they can reach a maximum working temperature of 1300 °C. These muffle furnaces thus represent an interesting alternative to the familiar L(T) 3/11 models, when you need particularly short heating times or a higher application temperature.
From $6,741.67

Tube Furnaces

Tube Furnaces These compact tube furnaces with integrated control systems can be used universally fo...
From $5,769.00
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