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Deutsch & Neumann

Laboratory Rubber Products - Tubing, Dropping Bottles, Stoppers

Deutsch & Neumann Rubber Components Used in Laboratories Worldwide

For over 100 years Deutsch & Neumann have manufactured a range of rubber laboratory components including mats, tubing, bellows, rubber and silicone stoppers. These sturdy European products are available at exceptional prices from LabFriend.

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Rubber Balloon with Hose Connection

Rubber Balloon with Hose Connection Latex (NR) for Rotary Evaporators suitable for mixture or co...
From $93.00

Pipette teats

Dropping bottles, pipette bottles, soda-lime glass Soda-lime glass. Amber or Clear. With interchange...
From $15.00

Set of rubber spacers (GuKo), natural rubber

Set of rubber spacers (GuKo), natural rubber Comprises of 5, 7 or 8 Gukos with an external lower dia...
From $9.00

Filter rings, rubber

Filter rings, rubber Natural rubber (NR). To hold filter funnels or crucibles....
From $3.00

Piezoelectric gas lighter, Clipper

Piezoelectric gas lighter, Clipper Piezoelectric....

Tubing for gas burners

Tubing for gas burners According to DIN 30664 section 1. Without reinforcement and jacket. Connectin...
From $16.00

Gas safety tubing, rubber

Gas safety tubing, rubber Flexible connecting line of a rubber tubing with a contracted metal spiral...
From $63.00

Rubber Spacers (GuKo), natural rubber

Rubber Spacers (GuKo), natural rubber Grey, filter gaskets made of natural rubber (NR). Conical, to ...
From $3.00

Hand bellows

Hand bellows Double spray. With net. Size 5....
From $44.00

Hand bellows

Hand bellows Single spray. Without net. Size 3....
From $12.00

Laboratory mats

Laboratory mats non-slip silicone withstands temperatures up to 260°C available in black or...
From $27.00

Mini cell washer, Vakuwasch

Mini cell washer, Vakuwasch PE construction. Practically unbreakable. Glass cuvettes are washed and ...
From $4.00