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Life Science and Microbiology Equipment

Microbiology essentials including Incubators, Colony Counters and Cell Disruption

Enormous range of high quality essential products for microbiologists and life science laboratories including quality incubators from leading brands like Binder and Memmert, huge range of colony counters to match a variety of budgets and cultivation consumables such as petri dishes and culture flasks. No matter your microbiology application, you can count on LabFriend having the brand and product your lab needs at the best price.

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Automatic Colony counter Scan ® 500

Colony counter ScanĀ® 500 Scan ® 500 is a high-tech automatic colony counter. It counts...
From $13,950.00

Schuett Count Colony Counter

Schuett Count Colony Counter Designed for reliable and efficient counting of bacterial colonies and ...
From $2,005.00

Colony counter, ColonyCount V, manual

Colony counter, ColonyCount V, manual Features: Pressure sensitive counting Fatigue-free counting ...
From $1,862.00

Shakers, Disruptor Genie ® digital

Shakers, Disruptor Genie ® digital Shaking and mixing at high speed. Ideally suited for the gla...
From $1,533.00

Colony Counter SC6+, manual

Colony Counter SC6+, manual Pressure sensitive counting Pressure can be adjusted Audible confirm...
From $1,357.00

Shakers, Disruptor Genie ® analog / digital

Shakers, Disruptor Genie ® analog / digital For cell disruption and homogenisation. The patente...
From $1,214.00

Schuett phoenix II Safety Bunsen Burner

For sterilising, heating, flame sterilising. For use in every microbiological laboratory or in safety cabinets. Modern Bunsen burner with state-of-the-art safety features plus outstanding quality characteristics.
From $780.79

Microincinerator Nova

Microincinerator Nova Cost-efficient infrared sterilizer for needles and inoculating loops made out ...
From $647.00

Homogenisers, Dounce, glass

Homogenisers, Dounce, glass For fine particle size reductions without damage to cell nuclei. Supplie...
From $542.00

Fernbach baffled flasks, Pyrex ®

Fernbach baffled flasks, Pyrex ® For use in preparation of cultures. Large surface area to vol...
From $538.00

Petri dishes

Petri dishes Sterile, pack of 500....
From $513.00

Homogenisers with PTFE or glass pestles

Homogenisers with PTFE or glass pestles For use with all homogeniser drive-units or for schuett homg...
From $491.00