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Slide storage

Microscope Slide Boxes and Storage

Miscrope slide storage, mailers and boxes

Keep your slides secure and contaminant-free with our selection of slide storage solutions. We’ve got everything from slide boxes and wallets to slide mailers, folders and trays. They also come in an assortment of colours and finishes.

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Storage Rack for Microscope Slide Boxes, Acrylic

Storage Rack for Microscope Slide Boxes, Acrylic The clear acrylic construction allows you to see th...
From $544.00

20-Place Slide Tray Rack, ABS

20-Place Slide Tray Rack, ABS Holds safely five of the 20-place slide trays. Ideal for microbiology,...
From $79.00

Slide storage box

Slide storage box Dense fibreboard covered with imitation leather. Hinged lid with locking clips. Ho...
From $25.00

Slide storage box

From $25.00

Slide Mailers

Slide Mailers Ideal for shipping, storing, or staining slides. These polypropylene containers hold f...
From $24.00

Microscope slide container

Microscope slide container PVC. For storing slides 76 x 26mm. White base increases contrast of stain...
From $16.00

Slide storage system - ABS

Slide storage system - ABS The basic unit has five drawers. Additional drawers can be added by remov...
From $15.00

Microscope slide folders

Microscope slide folders Cardbord. Available with, or without, gatefold cover. For 76mm x 26mm slide...
From $13.00

Microscope slide boxes

Microscope slide boxes PS. High impact. For 76mm x 26mm slides. Numbered slots in base. Index card i...
From $13.00

LLG-Slide mailers

LLG-Slide mailers Manufactured from high density polypropylene, for shipping, storing or staining sl...
From $12.00

Microscope slide folder, Munich type

Microscope slide folder, Munich type Cardboard. For 76mm x 26 mm slides....
From $12.00

Durable microscope slide boxes

Durable microscope slide boxes Colour-coded for easy identification. Slide boxes are perfect for sto...
From $10.00
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