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Overhead shakers

 Drum shakers and overhead shakers for thorough shaking and mixing of your samples

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Rotating Shaker 3040

Rotating Shaker 3040 The specialist shaker with uniform rotating motion. Various applications, e.g. ...
From $7,138.00

Overhead shaker Reax 20

Overhead shaker Reax 20 Overhead Shaker for 4, 8 or 12 bottles Set and continuously adjust the va...
From $5,538.00

Reax 2 - Overhead Shaker

Complies with standards for the determination of elutriation with water. Quickly clamps in 2 vessels of any size and accepts load capacities up to 1 kg. Speed continuously adjustable from 20 to 100 rpm. Universal adaptor allows for the use of various vessels of 50 - 160 mm height. In addition, an optional adaptor is available for the use of 20 test tubes at a time.
From $3,167.47

Test Tube Rotator 3025

Test Tube Rotator 3025 Constant uniform rotating tilting motion, particularly suitable for gentle to...
From $2,244.00

Overhead shakers STR4

Overhead shakers STR4 For use with the STR4/1 drum, STR4/2 flask / bottle rotator Drum, STR4/3 figur...
From $2,059.00

Rotator Genie™, with platform

Rotator Genie™, with platform Holds a wide variety of tubes, flasks, microplates, and odd-shap...
From $1,675.00

Rotators Loopster basic / digital

Rotators Loopster basic / digital Rotators for smooth but effective mixing with a fixed speed. Ideal...
From $1,320.00

Multi-function rotator PTR-35 / PTR-60

Multi-function rotator PTR-35 / PTR-60 Vertical multi-function rotator for thorough mixing in tubes,...
From $1,119.00

Bottle holder STR4/4 for overhead shakers STR4

Bottle holder STR4/4 for overhead shakers STR4 Perspex four segment cradle with velcro straps for ST...
From $786.00

Vertical mini rotator PTR-25

Vertical mini rotator PTR-25 Compact, economy solution with simple to use controls, providing thorou...
From $760.00

Rotators SB2 / SB3

Rotators SB2 / SB3 The Stuart rotators give gentle but effective mixing, ideal for life sciences app...
From $753.00

Drum STR4/1 for overhead shakersSTR4

Drum STR4/1 for overhead shakersSTR4 Square drum which accepts one plate of clips on each side. The ...
From $706.00