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pH Test Strips and pH Measurement Paper

Shop for pH Strips, pH Indicator Strips and Litmus paper

pH strips, litmus paper and pH indicator strips suitable for testing. GE Whatman pH test strips and Machery Nagel litmus paper and pH test strips available. Easy hanheld manual pH testing for a wide range of applications.

pH test strips are one of the simplest methods to get a quick and reliable pH reading. However if you are looking for a more accurate reading and think a pH test strip is not going to quite deliver, be sure to check out our range of hand held pH meters.

If you are looking to buy pH test strips in bulk for your school, organisation or as part of a pH test kit, be sure to contact LabFriend for a bulk discount on pH paper.


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Indicator paper

Indicator paper Arsenic-test paper, 200 strips, 20 x 70 mm...
From $82.00

Test paper strips, CS

Test paper strips, CS Pack of 200 strips. Dimensions: 11 x 100 mm. With blank central segment. Suita...
From $67.00

Qualitative Test papers

Qualitative Test papers Cyantesmo: Roll of 5 m length and 10 mm width...
From $56.00

pH Indicator, stripes

From $34.00

Test paper strips, Whatman CF

Test paper strips, Whatman CF Available in pack of 100 strips, 80 x 6 mm ( L x W). Dyes are chemical...
From $42.00

pH indicator strips

pH indicator strips Non-bleeding. Ranges as indicated. Supplied in packs of 100 strips....
From $38.00

Test Paper Reels

Test Paper Reels Each reel contains a paper strip 5 metres long x 7 mm wide. Supplied singly....
From $38.00

Universal indicator paper Tritest L

Universal indicator paper Tritest L For determination of pH- value. Roll length 5 m, 14 mm width. Wi...
From $35.00

Indicator paper, PEHANON ®

Indicator paper, PEHANON ® For determination of pH-value in coloured solutions. Supplied in pac...
From $29.00

Indicator paper, Duotest

Indicator paper, Duotest Roll length 5m, 10mm width. With two colour zones. Plastic box with 1 roll ...
From $26.00

Indicator paper, Tritest

Indicator paper, Tritest For determination of pH-value. Roll length 5m, 10mm width. With three colou...
From $26.00

pH-Fix indicator strips, special

pH-Fix indicator strips, special For determination of pH- value. Permanent colour. Non bleeding....
From $25.00
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