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Trace analysis

Sample Trace Analysis Equipment

Available from the world's leading brands - Bürkle, DURAN, Eppendorf, Thermo Scientific, VITLAB, Saint Gobain, and more!

Consumables and equipment suitble for sample trace analysis including beakers, tongs, wide mouth bottles and test tubes. Monitor you food, environmental and soil samples in the laboratory with this durable sample trace analysis equipment.

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Gas washing bottles, PFA

Gas washing bottles, PFA With cap with S40 screw thread and frit made of PTFE. Approx. pore size 50 ...
From $849.00

Sampler ViscoSampler, PTFE/FEP

Sampler ViscoSampler, PTFE/FEP Ultra-pure sampler with powerful suction for tough substances. Specia...
From $801.00

Measuring cylinders, graduated, PFA

Measuring cylinders, graduated, PFA These graduated cylinders offer all the advantages of non-stick ...
From $715.00

Sampler LiquiSampler, PTFE/FEP

Sampler LiquiSampler, PTFE/FEP DIN 53242. For liquids. Made of ultra pure and chemically inert PTFE...
From $598.00

Bytac ® Bench protectors

Bytac ® Bench protectors Bytac ® Bench protectors, FEP Film with Vinyl or Aluminum Backing...
From $524.00

Büchi Sample tubes

From $497.00

Wash bottles, PFA

Wash bottles, PFA These wash bottles feature a wide-mouth opening for convenience in filling and pou...
From $353.00

Volumetric flasks, PFA, class A, with screw cap

Volumetric flasks, PFA, class A, with screw cap Highly transparent. Class A tolerances according to ...
From $268.00

Wide-mouth bottles with screw thread, PFA

Wide-mouth bottles with screw thread, PFA Transparent, with tightly sealing screw closure (saw-tooth...
From $236.00

Washbottles PFA-economy

Washbottles PFA-economy "PFA-economy" quality wash bottles. Transparent. With recycled PFA...
From $218.00

Stirring Rods, PTFE ® Fluoropolymer

Stirring Rods, PTFE ® Fluoropolymer Contains fully enclosed steel insert for stiffness, yet can...
From $173.00

Round-bottom flasks, PFA

Round-bottom flasks, PFA Transparent, neck with NS 29/32. Can be used as a safety flask with a rotar...
From $171.00