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Thin Layer Chromatography Accessories

Thin Layer Chromatography Accessories

Need to accessorise your research? Look no further! We have dryers, templates and plate cutters for your chromatographic needs.

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TLC plate cutter

TLC plate cutter For scoring and cutting glass backed TLC plates. For cost-effectiveness in plate us...
From $1,860.00

Universal application and evaluation template

Universal application and evaluation template Plexiglass. Simplifies application, marking and evalua...
From $251.00

Outlining templates

Outlining templates With limit stops for precise positioning of the plate on the template. Provide p...
From $147.00

Laboratory dryer HT0141

Laboratory dryer HT0141 Power: approx. 2100 W. 2 speed settings, 3 temperature settings with cold ai...
From $96.00