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Turbidity Measuring Equipment

Sedimentation Cones, Turbidimeters and Flocculation Testers

Turbidity analysis and measurement for environmental applications featuring turbidity products from leading turbidity brands including Hanna, WTW, and Aqualytic. Turbidity products including flocculation testing, field instrumentation and glassware are all available through LabFriend

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Turbidity meters Turb ® 550

Turbidity meters Turb ® 550 The professional turbidity meter with up to 1000 NTU for nephelomet...
From $4,425.00

Turbidity meters Turb ® 430

Turbidimeter TurbĀ® 430 series Mobile turbidimeter for field applications. Measuring range: 0 to 11...
From $4,028.00

Turbidity meters Turb ® 430

Turbidity meters Turb ® 430 The turbidity meters Turb ® 430 IR acc. to DIN ISO 27027 and T...
From $3,290.00

Turbidity meter Turb ® 355

Turbidity meter Turb ® 355 Battery-operated portable turbidity meter with infrared LED for neph...
From $3,241.00

Flocculation testers

Flocculation testers For flocculation tests of water and waste water. choice of 2- or 6-bank models...
From $2,883.00

Laboratory turbidimeter AL450T-IR

Laboratory turbidimeter AL450T-IR Turbidity is measured according to ISO 7027 by nephelometric means...
From $2,295.00

Turbidity Meter HI 98713-02

Turbidity Meter HI 98713-02 Optical system of the meter, the infrared LED, assures long term stabilt...
From $2,221.00

Turbidity meter TN100

Turbidity meter TN100 The microprocessor-based waterproof Infra-Red Turbidity meter TN100 is easy-t...
From $1,183.00

Accessories for flocculation testers

Accessories for flocculation testers Coagulant injector for SW6 flocculator only. For simultaneous i...
From $333.00

Stands for Imhoff cones, PMMA/steel

Stands for Imhoff cones, PMMA/steel Manufactured to hold two Imhoff sedimentation cones of any type....
From $259.00
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