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Pump units-valve controlled

Valve Controlled Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps

Valve Regulated Laboratory Diaphragm Pumps for Chemistry

Valve controlled diaphragm vacuum pumps ideal for chemistry and laboratories working with potentially hazardous substances. LabFriend range of valve controlled vacuum pumps are manufactured by globbally recognised lab brands including KNF, Vacuubrand and Heidolph. Oil free pumps options available, as well as pumps suitable for high vacuum. Contact LabFriend today to discuss various pump options for your Lab.

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Valve-regulated vacuum pump Rotavac 20

Valve-regulated vacuum pump Rotavac 20 Includes secondary condenser and air intake separation vessel...
From $11,655.00

Vacuum system LABOPORT ®

Vacuum system LABOPORT ® Application: Rotary evaporation, Distillation Flow rate up to 2.04...
From $7,219.00

Chemistry Vacuum Systems NT

Chemistry Vacuum Systems NT Compact design, ready to use, no set-up required. Constructed in highly...
From $4,887.00

Vacuum system LABOXACT ® , chemical-resistant

Vacuum system LABOXACT ® , chemical-resistant Rotary evaporation processes can be reliably monit...
From $4,447.00

Vacuum systems, LABOBASE ® , chemical-resistant

Vacuum systems, LABOBASE ® , chemical-resistant Application: Multi-user vacuum system Flow ra...
From $386.00

Accessory for vacuum pump systems LABOPORT ®

Accessory for vacuum pump systems LABOPORT ® Modules for LABOPORT ® system vacuum pumps. S...
From $382.00