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Gel Blotting Paper and Membranes

Gel blotting paper and membranes suitable for Western blotting, transfer membrane and x-ray cassettes from leading blotting provides including Whatman, GE and Sartorius

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Semi Dry Blotters

Semi Dry Blotters These Semi Dry Blotters offer rapid transfer times for DNA, RNA and protein blotti...
From $1,278.00

Transfer membranes Amersham Protran

Transfer membranes Amersham Protran Pure nitrocellulose with extreme mechanical stability - gives ex...
From $948.00

Transfer membranes WESTRAN ®

Transfer membranes WESTRAN ® PVDF membranes for protein transfers. Westran S are for protein mi...
From $844.00

Transfer System Nytran SuPerCharge Turboblotter TM

Transfer System Nytran SuPerCharge Turboblotter TM The TurboBlotter is very easy to set up, and wor...
From $461.00

Blotting paper

Blotting paper Recommended for blotting techniques with gels, like Southern, Northern and Western Bl...
From $377.00

X-Ray cassettes

X-Ray cassettes Standard design with lead lining and snap fit lid. easy to open, easy to close with...
From $291.00

Staining Solution Ponceau S

Staining Solution Ponceau S For staining blotted proteins on nitrocellulose. Colour detection for im...
From $247.00

LLG-Transfer membrane, PVDF

LLG-Transfer membrane, PVDF Hydrophobic Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) transfer membrane with high b...
From $239.00

LLG-Transfer membrane, nitrocellulose

LLG-Transfer membrane, nitrocellulose Pure Nitrocellulose transfer membrane for all protein or immun...
From $218.00

LLG-Transfer membrane, supported nitrocellulose

LLG-Transfer membrane, supported nitrocellulose Supported Nitrocellulose transfer membranes combine ...
From $212.00

GEL blotting paper

GEL blotting paper Extremely pure, very absorbent, smooth paper for use in all protein and nucleic a...
From $173.00

Reinforcement films for X-Ray cassettes

Reinforcement films for X-Ray cassettes Reinforcement films Universal B 1 CaWo 4 , blue....
From $126.00
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