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Bunsen Burners For Any Labs Budget

Bunsen Burners Suitable for Teaching and Laboratory Research

Our sassive range of Bunsen burners and laboratory burners to suit every laboratory and budget. Bunsen burners perfect for teaching and precise burners ideal for specialised gases and research. The bunsen burner is a staple of every lab. They are one of the most used pieces of laboratory equipment in school and teaching labs and also one of the most potentially hazardous items in the lab. Make sure you purchase a quality bunsen burner to keep your laboratory technicians safe! LabFriend only carries quality bunsen burners to you can be sure that whichever model bunsen you choose, you are buying one of the best!

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Infrared burner PowerCube IRB2

Infrared burner PowerCube IRB2 Laboratory heating device for the safe, rapid heating of large sample...
From $1,209.00

Electric Bunsen burner BA6101

Electric Bunsen burner BA6101 Electrothermal's Electric Bunsen, combines the advantages of a regular...
From $863.00

Infrared burner, PowerCube IRB1

Infrared burner, PowerCube IRB1 The PowerCube is suitable for all rapid, non-contact heating activit...
From $697.00

Accessories for gas-safety burner schuett phoenix II

Flame sterilizer schuett easyflame Mobile device for scarfing and flame-sterilising. With piezoelect...
From $384.00

Safety burner, Ms-Ni

Safety burner, Ms-Ni Maximum temperature 1300°C, with needle valve, thermo safety element (bim...
From $367.00

Teclu burners

Teclu burners Teclu safety burner with needle stopping valve and thermofeeler with safety valve on h...
From $365.00

Teclu burners with needle valve

Teclu burners with needle valve DIN type. With thread connection, ignition protection, thermocouple,...
From $280.00

Teclu burners with needle valve

Teclu burners DIN-DVGW reg. no. NG2211AN0206. With air regulator and tap. Burner head 20mm diameter....
From $269.00

Safety Bunsen Burners Flame100

The safe alternative for all traditional Bunsen or alcohol burners.
From $223.69

Multi gas burner Teclu, Ms-Ni

Multi gas burner Teclu, Ms-Ni With stopcock. Air regulation, max. 1300°C. An anti-slip rubber co...
From $192.00

Teclu burners

Teclu burners Teclu burner with stopcock and pilot flame DIN (NG-2411 BO0033)...
From $156.00

Teclu burner, Ms-Ni

Teclu burner, Ms-Ni Nickel-plated brass and steel. DIN 30665. max. 1300°C, with needle valve, ai...
From $137.00