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Colony Counters

Colony counters for microbiology work and life science. Colony counters from Schuett Biotec and Stuart available to purchase online

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Schuett Count Colony Counter

Schuett Count Colony Counter Designed for reliable and efficient counting of bacterial colonies and ...
From $2,005.00

Colony counter, ColonyCount V, manual

Colony counter, ColonyCount V, manual Features: Pressure sensitive counting Fatigue-free counting ...
From $1,941.00

Colony Counter SC6+, manual

Colony Counter SC6+, manual Pressure sensitive counting Pressure can be adjusted Audible confirm...
From $1,768.00

Colony counter, manual

Colony counter, manual Height-adjustable colony counter with easy-to-clean plastic housing. Lumino...
From $1,396.00

Melting Point Apparatus, advanced, SMP30

Melting Point Apparatus, advanced, SMP30 Maximum temperature 400°C Patented head up display ...
From $864.49

Colony counter Scan ® 100

Colony counter Scan ® 100 Scan ® 100 is a high-tech manual colony counter remarkable for i...
From $567.00

Colony counter eCount™

Colony counter eCount™ Multi-function electronic counter with a Sharpie ® pen for marking...
From $93.00

Tally counter, digital

Tally counter, digital Effective and practical counter with a sturdy, chrome finished housing. Ideal...
From $16.00