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Sarstedt (Desaga)

Sarstedt Desaga Gas Sampling GS312

LabFriend offer Sarstedt Desaga gas sampling devices at great prices. The SARSTEDT group was established in 1961 and supplies products in the fields of medicine and science.  They manufacture the vast majority of their products at their own sites and have an integrated quality management system to ensure all products conform to the highest standard.

The Desaga GS 312 is the globala standard in regulatroy emission and immission based measurement.

Product Information, Images and Logos of SARSTEDT displayed on LabFriend are registered trademarks owned by SARSTEDT AG & Co Germany.

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Gas sampling device, type GS 312

Gas sampling device, type GS 312 Standard device for most regulatory-based, emission and immission m...
From $14,519.00

Serological pipettes, PS, steril, graduated

Serological pipettes, PS, steril, graduated Non-pyrogenic (except Cat. No. 6.236 876), individuall...
From $203.00