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Plastic, Silicone and Rubber Tubing Accessories

Massive Range of Flexible Tubing Options ideal for Pumps and Laboratory

Massive range of Flexible tubing and tubing accessories for the laboratory including stoppers, labels, plastic, rubber, gas and more. Our huge range of tubing includes silicone tubing, plastic tubing, rubber tubing and tubing adapters and clips.

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Tubing Tygon ® 3370 I.B.

Tubing Tygon ® 3370 I.B. Silicone tube, platinum-cured, reinforced material, Shore A 70. Suita...
From $1,805.00

Distributors for Reaction Vessels (R) with GLS 80 thread, PP, PTFE

Distributors for Reaction Vessels (R) with GLS 80 thread, PP, PTFE Blue, PP screw cap with GLS80 thr...
From $449.00

Tubing TYGON ® S3™ B-44-4X-I.B.

Tubing TYGON ® S3™ B-44-4X-I.B. Clear, with a smooth inner surface. Suitable for Versilon...
From $439.00

Masterflex L/S Tygon E-LFL Pump Tubing

High-performance pump tubing for challenging applications

Ball valves

Ball valves Ball valves with GL screwthread made of chemically resistant PTFE. Maximum permissible a...
From $406.00

Pump tubing, PP

From $359.00

Accessories for PEEK Tubing

Accessories for PEEK Tubing Fingertight fittings for HPLC tubing made of PEEK....
From $324.00

Tubing Tygon ® 3350

Tubing Tygon ® 3350 Silicone-platinum tubing, Shore A 50. For sterile filling systems, chemistr...
From $302.00

Tubing Pharmed ®

Tubing Pharmed ® Thermoplastic elastomer, beige, Shore A 64. Can be used at temperatures from -...
From $256.00

Tubing Tygon ® SE 200

Tubing Tygon ® SE 200 Transparent. Shore A 67 (casing). Resistant to the most aggresive liquids...
From $242.00

Laboratory threaded joints, GL 14 / 18 / 25 / 32

Laboratory threaded joints, GL 14 / 18 / 25 / 32 Connecting equipment and fittings with GL threads w...
From $227.00