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Glass cuvettes

Quality Glass Cuvettes For Spectrophotometers

Glass Cuvettes for Spectrophotometers, Absorption Measurement and More!

Glass cuvettes also known as cells for a variety of applications such as absorption measurement, flow-through measurement, uv-range cells, fluorenszenz-flow measurements, fluorescence measurement, light scattering measurements, Cylindrical Cells for polarimetric measurements, reflection measurements (visible-region) and turbidity measurements (uv-range). We also stock many accessories such standards, window plates, cell plates and cell storage containers. From well-established specialist brands such as Schuett Biotec.

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Cell storage container, Küvibox 2

Cell storage container, Küvibox 2 Dust-proof, rigid container for storing clean cells. Accommod...
From $175.00

Mini cell washer, Vakuwasch

Mini cell washer, Vakuwasch PE construction. Practically unbreakable. Glass cuvettes are washed and ...
From $5.00