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Kartell Laboratory Plasticware

Kartell Laboratory Consumables and Plastic Beakers, Flasks and More

Kartell and LabFriend offer the worlds leading laboratory plasticware including bottles, beakers, tubing and all of your laboratory plastic needs

Kartell's Labware Division, which was founded in 1950, use Poly-plastics rather than glass to enable them to create lighter, highly resistant and more affordable equipment.  In 1996 they were granted ISO 9001 for their quality management of products.

They make an affordable range of equipment types including vessels, microscopy and vacuum technology.  

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L - tubing connectors, PP

L - tubing connectors, PP Transparent, PP. L-shape. Autoclavable....
From $3.00

Tubing connectors, PP

Tubing connectors, PP PP. T- shape. Autoclavable....
From $3.00

Beakers, PMP (TPX ® )

Beakers, PMP (TPX ® ) Low form. Conform to ISO 7056 - 1981 (E) and BS 5405 Part 1. Transparent, ...
From $5.00

Beakers, low form, plastic

Beakers, low form, plastic PP, low form. Conform to ISO 7056 - 1981 (E) and BS 5404 Part 1. New PP g...
From $3.30

Beakers, PMP (TPX ® )

Beakers, PMP (TPX ® ) Low form. Conforms to ISO 7056 - 1981 (E) and BS 5404 Part 1. Crystal clea...
From $6.00

Bottles, wide-mouth, PE, graduated

Bottles, wide-mouth, PE, graduated PE. General purpose bottle meeting Food and Drug regulations with...
From $3.00

Burette clamp

Burette clamp Polypropylene. Bosshead supplied with two adapters so that the clamp can fit on to sup...
From $32.00

Centrifuge tubes, cylindrical, PP

Centrifuge tubes, cylindrical, PP Translucent. PP. Autoclavable. Can withstand temperatures up to +1...
From $65.00

Conical stoppers, NS, PE

Conical stoppers, NS, PE Polyethylene. Stoppers manufactured to DIN standard 12242 ensuring an effec...
From $3.00

Transport and storage containers, PE-HD

Transport and storage containers, PE-HD Stackable. Suitable for foodstuff. High resistance to acids....
From $56.00

Desiccator plates, PP

Desiccator plates, PP PP. For use at room temperature. Not suitable for use with hot crucibles....
From $11.00