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Kleinfeld Lab Equipment covering all the lab equipment basics including instrumentation, consumables and bench top equipment

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Tubing connectors, TPX

From $8.00

Colony counter, HC

Colony counter, HC Manual operation. Light, compact, can be operated with one-hand. For simple and c...
From $3.00

LAB rings

LAB rings Lead. Vinyl-coated. For stabilising glassware in water baths....
From $82.00

Laboratory jacks, Hajoka Lab-Jacks

Laboratory jacks, Hajoka Lab-Jacks To DIN 12897. With stainless steel plates....
From $496.00


Mediclips Robust PPF. For flat widths of dialysis tubing up to 40mm....
From $11.00

Desiccators, vacuum, O- ring seals

Desiccators, vacuum, O- ring seals Soft rubber. These O-ring seals make glass lubrication unnecessar...
From $127.00

Sealing tape, PTFE

Sealing tape, PTFE For covering areas which require protection against chemicals of all types at tem...
From $4.00

Blender, Stomacher 400 Circulator

Blender, Stomacher 400 Circulator