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Analytical Balances, Pocket Balances, Precision Balances and Mositure Balances.

Available from the world's leading manufacturer's - Kern, Ohaus, Mettler Toledo, and more

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Moisture Analyser MA160

Moisture Analyser MA160 The MA160 moisture analyzer is designed for quick and reliable determination...
From $10,012.00

Analytical balances Quintix ®

Analytical balances Quintix ® Intuitive application guideance, start of applications with only ...
From $7,180.00

Analysis- and precision balances Secura ®

Analytical balances Secura ® Secura ® gives you the security and peace of mind of knowing ...
From $6,582.00

Halogen moisture balances MB90 and MB120

Halogen moisture balances MB90 and MB120 Moisture Analysis Made Simple and Powerful. The precisely ...
From $4,708.00

Semi-micro / Analytical Balance

Semi-micro / Analytical Balance One-touch, fully automatic, autocalibration Easy access door Spl...
From $4,697.00

Analytical balances Explorer ® EX

Analytical balances Explorer ® EX Highest performance, most technically advanced balance from O...
From $4,373.00

Precision balances Quintix ®

Precision balances Quintix ® Intuitive application guidance, start of applications with only on...
From $4,042.00

Advanced Moisture Analyser MX-50

A&D's MX/MF-50 moisture analyzer boasts a major advantage over other moisture analyzer devices, namely, the ability to conduct analysis of a sample containing very little moisture content
From $5,269.00

Analytical balances Adventurer ® AX

Analytical balances Adventurer ® AX Fast stabilization and reliable operation to ensure solid...
From $3,595.00

Analytical balances Practum ®

Analytical balances Practum ® Unmatched reliability with the world-class weighing instrument. Made ...
From $3,465.00

Analytical balance Entris ®

Analytical balance Entris ® Get the reliability and quality of a Sartorius balance and only pay...
From $3,118.00

Halogen Moisture balance MB27

Halogen Moisture balance MB27 Ideal for routine moisture determinations, that require precise result...
From $3,113.00