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Laboratory Measuring Scoops

Measuring Scoops made from Metal and Plastic

Measuring scoops ideal for the lab including aluminum, steel, plastic and more. Huge range of sizes and brands of measuring scoops available

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Scoops PharmaScoop, stainless steel V4A, with long handle

Scoops PharmaScoop, stainless steel V4A, with long handle For sampling of powders and granulates in ...
From $504.00

Scoops FoodScoop, Stainless steel

Scoops FoodScoop, Stainless steel Very stable hand scoop for various applications, particularly suit...
From $61.00

Pharma scoop, stainless steel 18/10

Pharma scoop, stainless steel 18/10 Seamless fixed handle. With hanging loop. Qualified for food....
From $45.00

Dispensing scoops, stainless steel

Dispensing scoops, stainless steel Made from stainless steel Remanit ® 4301....
From $26.00

Measuring scoops, HDPE

Measuring scoops, HDPE Nature....
From $14.00

LLG-Dispensing scoops, PE-HD

LLG-Dispensing scoops, PE-HD For heavy industrial use. Suitable for foodstuff....
From $4.00

Measuring scoops, PP

Measuring scoops, PP White measuring scoops which are also suitable as weighing scoops. With precisi...
From $3.00

Measuring scoops, PE-HD

Measuring scoops, PE-HD Natural colouring. Conical in shape with tapered filling edge. Food-safe pro...
From $3.00

Measuring scoops, coloured, PP

Measuring scoops, coloured, PP Also suitable as weighing scoops. Food safe acc. to (EG) Nr. 10/2011....
From $3.00