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Separating, centrifuging

Laboratory Centrifuges - Bench Top, Micro/Mini Centrifuges, and Accessories!

from Eppendorf, Hettich, Thermo Scientific, Corning, and more!

LabFriend has your separating and centrifuging needs taken care of. Our range includes tubes, rotors, buckets, micro centrifuges, blood centrifuges, tubes, adapters, refrigerated and specialised options available.

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Refrigerated high speed centrifuge Z 32 HK

Refrigerated high speed centrifuge Z 32 HK With a wide range of accessories, the Z 32 HK high speed ...
From $11,332.00

Universal centrifuge Z 446 / Z 446 K

Universal centrifuge Z 446 / Z 446 K Cooled and uncooled table centrifuge for a variety of different...
From $9,396.00

Universal centrifuges Z 306

Universal centrifuges Z 306 The small, universal laboratory centrifuge offers a wide range of applic...
From $4,947.00

Centrifuges Frontier™ 5000 Micro

Centrifuges Frontier? 5000 Micro High-speed microliter centrifuge with a high sample througput for l...
From $3,668.00

Centrifuge CVP-2

Centrifuge CVP-2 3 devices in one: Centrifuge with vortex mixing, PCR plate centrifuge and PCR plate...
From $2,568.00

Micro Centrifuge Microspin 12

Micro Centrifuge Microspin 12 Compact high-speed benchtop micro centrifuge with a built-in rotor for...
From $2,240.00

High-Speed Mini-Centrifuge MagFuge ®

Minicentrifuges The MagFuge ® combines a High-Speed Centrifuge and a Magnetic Stirrer in one un...
From $2,029.00

Compact centrifuge Z 206 A

Compact centrifuge Z 206 A The Z 206 A accepts up to 12 x 15 ml conical and round bottom tubes. For ...
From $1,959.00

High-Speed Mini-Centrifuge Gusto™

High-Speed Mini-Centrifuge Gusto™ Maximum speed with minimal space. This compact centrifuge is...
From $1,842.00

Universal centrifuges Z 326 / Z 326 K

Universal centrifuge Z 366 / Z 366 K These universal table top centrifuges Z 366 and Z 366 K putting...
From $1,166.00

Centrifuge/vortexer, Combi-spin PCV-2400

Centrifuge/vortexer, Combi-spin PCV-2400 Combined centrifuge/vortex mixer for microtubes and 0.2ml s...
From $1,013.00

Benchtop centrifuges UNIVERSAL 320 / 320 R

Benchtop centrifuges UNIVERSAL 320 / 320 R The UNIVERSAL 320 / 320 R impress with excellent performa...
From $986.00