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Buy a Liquid Lab Pump - Peristaltic, Piston, Dosing and Drum Pumps

Need a Liquid Transfer Pump or Lab Pump? Massive Range of Accessories and Pumps

We have a great selection of liquid pumps - dosing pumps, drum pumps, gear pumps, peristaltic pumps and rotary piston pumps, for all your pumping needs. To complete your laboratory setup, we also sell tubing, stands, clamps, vessels, wall mounts, pump heads and valves. Available in flow rates and  sizes from various big brands, such as Buerkle, Lutz, Heidolph, Thermo Scientific and KNF.

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Pump, peristaltic, Flowmaster FMT 300

Pump, peristaltic, Flowmaster FMT 300 Offers high flow rates from 37ml/min to 13l/min for industrial...
From $14,223.00

Pump set hazardous fluids for complete drum drainage

Suitable for complete drum drainage of combustible and easily flammable liquids and for use in hazardous areas

Peristaltic pumps rotarus ® fast

Peristaltic pumps rotarus ® fast Versatile and comfortable, specially designed for use with rot...
From $7,553.00

Peristaltic pumps rotarus ® volume

Peristaltic pumps rotarus ® volume Comfortable, precise and performant peristaltic pumps for co...
From $7,282.00

Peristaltic pump drives, MCP standard / MCP process

Peristaltic pump drives, MCP standard / MCP process Can be combined with over 20 pumpheads for flow ...
From $7,115.00

Gear pumps MCP-Z, BVP-Z, Reglo-Z/ZS, accessories

Gear pump drives, MCP-Z-Standard, MCP-Z-Process Flow rate 1 to 7241 ml/min (depending on pump-head)...
From $6,686.00

Peristaltic pumps rotarus ® flow

Peristaltic pumps rotarus ® flow Comfortable, precise and performant peristaltic pumps for cont...
From $6,195.00

Pump drive PD 5201/5206

Pump drive PD 5201/5206 High precision even for flow rates starting at 0.005ml/min Optional foot-...
From $6,114.00

Pumps, liquid, ceramic piston, valveless, BVP and MCP standard

Peristaltic pump drives, BVP-Standard / BVP-Process Can be combined with over 20 pump-heads for flow...
From $5,552.00

Peristaltic pumps, Reglo ICC

Peristaltic pumps, Reglo ICC Independent 4-Channel Control Pump Increased efficiency Control of ...
From $5,491.00

Gear pump drive BVP-Z

Gear pump drive BVP-Z Flow rates of 1 to 7241ml/min. Motor speed: 60 to 6000 rpm, adjustable in 0.1%...
From $5,014.00

Peristaltic pumps rotarus ® standard

Peristaltic pumps rotarus ® standard Powerful, precise peristaltic pumps for continuous operati...
From $4,837.00