Magnetic stirrer Hei-Tec, LLG Premium line 230-240V 50/60Hz EU cable incl. PT1000 and holder.

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Product preview

Magnetic stirrer Hei-Tec, LLG Premium line 230-240V 50/60Hz EU cable incl. PT1000 and holder.

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Part #: 6.319 733Mfr #: 505-30080-18-0
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  • Plate dimensions:O 145 mm
  • ManufacturerHeidolph
  • Specifications
  • stirring quantity (h2o):20 l
  • Speed range:100 ... 1400 rpm
  • Heating power:800 W
  • Temperature Range:20 ... 300 °C
  • Permissible ambient temperature:5 ... 31 °C
  • Permissible relative moisture:80 %
  • Plate Material:Kera-Disk®
  • Dimensions (W x D x H):173 x 277 x 94 mm
  • Weight:2.9 kg
  • Power supply:230 V
  • IP code:IP 32
  • Warranty:3 years
  • TypeHei-Tec, LLG Premium Line
  • PK1
  • Cat. No.6.319 733
  • Manufacturer code505-30080-18-0
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Product overview
Magnetic stirrer Hei-Tec, LLG Premium Line, incl. temperature sensor Pt1000 with holder and support rod
The LLG Premium Line is our best selection of high quality and proven devices from our top suppliers.

Convincing quality

-The sealed housing protects the electronic and mechanical components from aggressive chemicals and liquids
-The patented Kera-Disk® hot plate made of anodized aluminum is chemical-resistant and scratch-resistant
-The Hei-Tec magnetic stirrer is characterized by careful processing and high-quality material, which guarantees long-term and safe use with reduced maintenance costs

Excellent functionality and best user comfort

-The Kera-Disk® top plate allows for fastest heat-up times
-Accurate to the degree adjustment of the desired hotplate temperature by turn-push-button
-Precise setting options and monitoring of the device parameters via the digital display
-Fast and precise temperature control without overshoot via two selectable heating modes (FAST/PRECISE) and the Pt1000 temperature sensor
-The values ​​can easily be read from a distance in the illuminated display
-An illuminated button indicates clearly if the stirring mode is activated

Highest safety

-In case the heating function fails, stirring will not be discontinued to prevent bumping
-A separate on/off button for heating prevents unintentional heat-up
-The fire-resistant aluminum die-cast housing prevents the stirrer from damage, even if exposed to highest temperatures
-In case of a short-circuit, damage to the temperature sensor or disorder of the process, the unit powers off completely
-An independent second safety circuit switches off heating in case of any overtemperature situation
-Overheating protection by a safety circuit that switches off heating if the temperature sensor is not immersed in the media vessel

Scope of supply: Magnetic stirrer Hei-Tec, temperature sensor Pt1000 (V4A), holder for Pt1000 (incl. support rod, retainer with cable guide)
Stirring quantity (H2O): 20 l
Speed range: 100 ... 1400 rpm
Heating power: 800 W
Temperature range: 20 ... 300 °C
Permissible ambient temperature: 5 ... 31 °C
Permissible relative moisture: 80 %
Plate Material: Kera-Disk®
Plate Dimensions: O 145 mm
Dimensions (W x D x H): 173 x 277 x 94 mm
Weight: 2.9 kg
Power supply: 230 V
IP code: IP 32
Warranty: 3 years

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