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Milk analysis

Milk and Dairy Analysis

Gerber offer the highest quality dairy analysis equipment, ranging from butyrometers for milk, cheese, ice cream, skim and dry milk.

We also offer water baths and centrifuges from Gerber sepcifically for use in dairy analysis, as well as accessories for them such as racks, dippers, pipetytes, stoppers, and more!

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Universal Gerber Centrifuge

Universal Gerber Centrifuge Multipurpose centrifuge for the dairy laboratory. Timer 0 to 255 minute...
From $8,784.00

Cryoscope C1 and C1A

To reliably and rapidly determine the freezing point in milk

Sediment Tester Rapido

Sediment Tester Rapido Flow system Original Gerber with electric vacuum pump and drain hose for rapi...
From $3,240.00

Centrifuge Micro II

Centrifuge Micro II Small centrifuge for the determination of fat and solubility of milk powder by G...
From $3,051.00

Cryoscope for Freezing point determination

Simple freezing determining device for detecting extraneous water contents in the raw milk

Butyrometer waterbath W1

Butyrometer waterbath W1 Waterbath for tempering liquids with continuous microprocessor control for ...
From $2,106.00

Centrifuge for determinations according to Gerber

Centrifuge for determinations according to Gerber Table centrifuge for fat determination in milk and...
From $1,987.00

Centrifuge Micro III

Centrifuge Micro III Small centrifuge for the determination of fat in milk and dairy products acc. t...
From $1,863.00

Butyrometer water bath WB 22 Pump

Butyrometer water bath WB 22 Pump The water provides optimal operating comfort by splash-proof keypa...
From $1,790.00

Solubility mixer Solumixer

Solubility mixer Solumixer To determine the solubility of various powders. Complies with the test sp...
From $581.00

Butyrometer waterbath WB-436

Butyrometer waterbath WB-436 Universal water baths made of stainless steel with external heater, ins...
From $339.00