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pH Measuring Equipment and Accessories

pH Meters, pH Probes and pH Buffers - Handheld and Economical pH Meters

Electrochemistry and pH measurement equipment including: benchtop meters, handheld meters, portable, food grade, buffers, electrodes, conductivity, WTW, Mettler Toledo and more.

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pH meter, SevenExcellence™ S400

pH meter, SevenExcellence™ S400 Modular professional system for measurements of pH, redox pote...
From $3,780.00

pH-meter HandyLab 680

pH-meter HandyLab 680 The HandyLab 680 increases the measuring accuracy via: IDS technology. The di...
From $3,020.00

Laboratory pH meter Knick 765

Laboratory pH meter Knick 765 With many safety features making pH measurement easier and more reliab...
From $2,857.00

Ion-selective electrodes

Ion-selective electrodes Combined ISE and GSE electrodes....
From $2,270.00

pH meter HandyLab 600

pH meter HandyLab 600 CMC (Continuous Measurement Control) visualizes whether the measuring value is...
From $2,109.00

Laboratory pH meter 766

Laboratory pH meter 766 Laboratory pH meter for standard laboratory applications Gaincheck ® p...
From $1,920.00

pH meter HandyLab 700 / 750

pH meter HandyLab 700 / 750 Portable pH measuring devices by SI Analytics with Memosens ® tech...
From $1,890.00

pH/Ion-Meter Seven2Go™ pro S8

pH/Ion-Meter Seven2Go™ pro S8 Portable professional model for pH measurement New, intuitive m...
From $1,872.00

pH meter SevenCompact™ S210

pH meter SevenCompact™ S210 The SevenCompact™ pH meter S210 is the perfect choice for a ...
From $1,851.00

Fluoride electrodes

Fluoride electrodes For quick and easy measurement of fluoride ions in aqueous solutions. When using...
From $1,845.00

pH/Ion meter SevenCompact™ S220

pH/Ion meter SevenCompact™ S220 The colour display with its well-designed icons and menu setti...
From $1,826.00

pH combination electrode InPro 3030

pH combination electrode InPro 3030 pH combination electrode for use in aggressive media, e.g. acidi...
From $1,806.00