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Lab Stopwatches

Digital, Analogue, Mechanical, Electronic Stopwatches available from Dostn Electronic, Hanhart and more.

Keeping track of your experiments couldn't be simpler with our large range of laboratory stopwatches. Mechanical or electronic? Digital or Analogue? We've got you sorted.

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Stopwatch, mechanical

Stopwatch, mechanical Impact resistant, dustproof, water resistant. With diamond-turned metal case. ...
From $400.00

Stopwatch, mechanical

Stopwatch, mechanical Impact resistant, dustproof and water resistant. With diamond-turned metal cas...
From $393.00

Stopclock, analogue, Mesotron

Stopclock, analogue, Mesotron Quartz-accurate timer with large, analogue display. Measuring range: 0...
From $282.00

Stopwatch Amigo, mechanical

Stopwatch Amigo, mechanical Impact resistant. Unbreakable spring movement. 55mm diameter ABS case. S...
From $214.00

Mechanical stopwatch

Mechanical stopwatch Start/stop/reset by single crown, clockwork mechanism, 13 jewels, chrome metal ...
From $170.00

Stopwatch, digital

Stopwatch, digital Profile LCD. 2 button operation, with 5 event memory, each with split and lap tim...
From $127.00

Stopwatches, Delta E 200

Stopwatches, Delta E 200 65 memories with evaluation, fast run / memory functions Large, clear, 2...
From $89.10

Electronic stopwatch, Labor 3

Electronic stopwatch, Labor 3 The Labor 3 stopwatch has a triple display for three separate, program...
From $80.00

Stopwatch Stopstar 2

Stopwatch Stopstar 2 With 7 digit LCD. Functions: start, stop, reset, addition, split, dual measurem...
From $74.00

Electronic stopwatch Labor 2

Electronic stopwatch Labor 2 Offers two programmable countdown or count-up times or a normal time di...
From $70.00

Stopwatch Stratos 2

Stopwatch Stratos 2 The Stratos 2 stopwatch is a very lightweight and easy to use stopwatch. Normal ...
From $51.00


Stopwatch 1/100 seconds, split time, clock, date with weekday, hourly chime, alarm with snooze funct...
From $21.00