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Trolleys to help staff and lab technicians move samples, instruments and other goods around whilst staying safe as well as bowl trolleys and stainless steel trolleys.

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Transport trolley MSW 8 x 5/3, stainless steel

Transport trolley MSW 8 x 5/3, stainless steel
From $830.00

Laboratory Trolleys, PE-HD

Laboratory Trolleys, PE-HD Hard-wearing, sturdy, PE-HD construction resists chemicals and routine kn...
From $446.00

Clax Collapsible Trolley with Box

Clax foldable cart includes one spare collapsible box. The clever Clax Mobil Trolley is a versatile hand trolley that is light, easy to use and simple to store.
From $300.00

LLG Trolleys, Stainless Steel

LLG Trolleys, Stainless Steel Made of CNS 18/10, material no. 1.4301, with micro-polished surface. A...
From $0.00

Bowl Trolleys

Bowl Trolleys Trolley Blue-grey solid rubber (non-marking) tyres Welded frame for 85 or 100 litr...
From $149.00

Trolley, PP

Trolley, PP Safe and easy transport of Folding and Euronormboxes with external dimension of 60x40cm....
From $120.00