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Spray, dropping bottles

A Wash Bottle in Every Volume, Every Plastic and Every Type for the Lab

Laboratory Spray Dropping Bottles and Wash Bottles

Large range of spray and dropping bottles for the laboratory including Vitlab, wide mouth, safety wash bottles, Kautex, round, square, venting caps, carriers, pressurised and more. If you need a wash bottle for your laboratory, LabFriend has the largest range of spray bottles and wash bottles online.

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Dropping bottles Nalgene™, LDPE

Dropping bottles Nalgene™, LDPE White Suitable for food Leakproof Light-resistant ISO 13...
From $1,408.00

Accessories for dropping bottles Nalgene™

Accessories for dropping bottles Nalgene™ Suitable for food ISO 13485:2003 USP Class VI...
From $542.00

Teclu burners with needle valve

Dropping bottles, PTFE White Good chemical resistance Dropper nozzle with screw cap...
From $153.00

Screw cap with spray tube, LDPE

Screw cap with spray tube, LDPE Natural color. Suitable for narrow neck bottles, high shoulder bottl...
From $142.00

Wash Bottle Carrier, PP

Wash Bottle Carrier, PP Convenient storage and transport of up to six wash bottles Moulded in rug...
From $137.00

Dropping bottles, Volac

Dropping bottles, Volac With Polystop ® 3-piece stoppers, including a strong ungraduated glass...
From $134.00

Dropping bottles, LDPE

Dropping bottles, LDPE Transparent. Detachable threaded cap with dropper nozzle and attached spout c...
From $110.00

Safety wash bottles

Safety wash bottles Set of 5 wash bottles with 500 ml, closure size 28 mm. Pack contains one of each...
From $99.00

Pressure atomizer LaboPlast ® , PE-HD

Pressure atomizer LaboPlast ® , PE-HD PE / PP / glass-fibre reinforced PA, V2A, FKM / bottle mat...
From $91.00

GHS Safety Wash Bottles

GHS Safety Wash Bottles Prevent chemical accidents in the lab with Nalgene Right-to-Understand LDPE ...
From $85.00

Wash heads, LDPE

Wash heads, LDPE For narrow mouth wash bottles Transparent Adjustable height delivery tube...
From $73.00

Accessories for LaboPlast ® pressure atomizer

Accessories for LaboPlast ® pressure atomizer For bottle 9.223 162....
From $65.00