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Bottle Brushes for Laboratory Equipment

Bottle brushes for laboratory equipment and fine bristle cleaning brushes and brush sets.

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Cleaning brushes

Cleaning brushes Pack of 10. Brush with swivel head, head 21mm x 44mm x 24mm for vessels with NS 2...
From $262.00

Cleaning brush

Brushes Cleaning brush with wood handle for sedimenting jar...
From $80.00

LLG-Cleaning brushes

LLG-Cleaning brushes Excellent tools for washing and cleaning of all type of laboratory bottles, fla...
From $34.90

Brush set, silk painting

Brush set, silk painting Silk painting brush set, comprising of one each - round tip, sizes 1, 4, 8;...
From $35.00

Brush set

Brush set Comprising one each size 3 round and pointed, size 0 flat and pointed and size 1 wide hair...
From $33.00

Brush bag

Brush bag Empty, imitation leather bag, for 8 brushes....
From $30.00

LLG-Weighing brush, with wooden handle

LLG-Weighing brush, with wooden handle Fine hair weighing brush with pointed tips and wooden black h...
From $23.00

Bottle Brush with crank handle

Brushes The bottle brushes in nylon version are heat resistant up to 100 ° C. When the brushes a...
From $20.00

Brush set

Brush set Comprising of one each - round sizes 0, 4 and 6, flat sizes 6 and 10....
From $19.00

Flexible bottle brush

Flexible bottle brush For round and Erlenmeyer flasks from 500ml to 5000ml with NS 29 or wider neck ...
From $14.00

Hair brushes, oval

Hair brushes, oval Black goat hair. In metal mounts on round wood handle....
From $14.00

Balance brush

Balance brush Oval. Size 2 / 6 mm, size 4 / 9 mm and size 6 / 12 mm...
From $13.00
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