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Cotton wool, cotton wool roll, first aid boxes and their refills, sick bay beds, band-aid and plaster dispensers

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First Aid Cabinet Rom

First Aid Cabinet Rom Contents to DIN 13169. Sheet steel 0.7mm thick. White electrostatic powder coa...
From $535.00

First Aid Kit Special for Laboratories and Chemistry

First Aid Kit Special for Laboratories and Chemistry ABS plastic. Orange. Basic contents to DIN 1315...
From $432.00

First Aid Cabinet Heidelberg

First Aid Cabinet Heidelberg Contents to DIN 13157. Steel plate 0.7 mm thick. White electrostatic po...
From $314.00

First Aid Case EUROPA

First Aid Case EUROPA The cases are labelled in the following languages: German - English - Portugu...
From $193.00

First Aid Boxes QUICK-CD / MT-CD

First Aid Boxes QUICK-CD / MT-CD Orange. ABS-plastic, high-impact, resistant to deformation, heat re...
From $181.00

First aid kit

Dressings/plasters First aid kit STANDARD DIN 13157 including wall bracket. With special kit for chi...
From $72.00

Extraset Plasters Refill

Extraset Plasters Refill The most commonly occuring injuries are to the fingers and hands. The propo...
From $57.00

First Aid Box Office

First Aid Box Office White with screen-printed lettering. Small first aid box made from high grade p...
From $56.00

Plaster Dispenser aluderm ® -aluplast

Plaster Dispenser aluderm ® -aluplast Manufactured from highly tensile ABS Size 160 x 122 x 5...
From $31.00

Plaster Dispenser QuickFix

Plaster Dispenser QuickFix Pull and you immediately have a plaster ready for use. Each plaster is in...
From $21.00

Refills For First Aid Boxes

Refills For First Aid Boxes High-quality dressing refills....
From $8.00

Plasters Nexcare™

Plasters Nexcare™ Nexcare™ soft Seals out dirt and germs to help prevent infection, easy...
From $6.00