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Fire protection

Söhngen and Jutec offer some of the best quality fibreglass fire blankets, ensuring your laboratory is safe and cost-effective. Containers also available.

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Powder fire extinguisher

Powder fire extinguisher Fire classes ABC. Inner carbon dioxide propellant container. Adjustable hig...
From $114.00

Fire blanket, fibreglass

Fire blanket, fibreglass For extinguishing flames and to cover persons on fire. With hand-hold pock...
From $108.00

Fire blanket

Fire blanket Non-flammable, textured glass fabric. One piece construction. Hemmed at the edges. Both...
From $105.00

Container for Fire Blanket

Container for Fire Blanket Fire blanket container made of galvanized welded steel sheet, to be opene...
From $81.00

Fire Blanket, Fibreglass

Fire Blanket, Fibreglass The fire blanket is a small fire equipment principally used to extinguish s...
From $74.00