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Hanna pH Meters - Leaders in Environmental Analysis

Hanna pH Meters, Conductivity Meters and Electrodes

HANNA pH meters, conductivity meters, pH buffers, magnetic stirrers, refractometers and electrochemistry products offer exceptional levels of flexibility and affordability in your laboratory. HANNA Instruments has produced class leading electrochemistry products for the laboratory since 1978.

HANNA instruments provide analytical instrumentation in over 43 countries worldwide and offers over 3000 products throughout its range. HANNA is headquartered in Woonsocket, RI.

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Hanna Instrument HI 98331 Soil Test™ Direct Soil EC Tester

Hanna Instrument HI 98331 Soil Test™ Direct Soil EC Tester

"Pocket" Ethylene glycol Refractometer PAL-91S

The "Pocket" coolant refractometer PAL-91S, easily measure the coolant in brine and other agents of Ethylene Glycol. Measured value displayed digitally. The freezing point of the sample can also be measured and displayed.
From $5,562.82

HI-3001 - Flow-through Conductivity Probe with ATC

4-Ring conductivity flow-through probe with automatic temperature compensation (ATC) for industrial applications.
From $551.53

Laboratory pH Meter with built in Magnetic Stirrer, HI 208-02

Laboratory pH Meter with built in Magnetic Stirrer, HI 208-02 Compact, easy to use pH Meter with bui...
From $51.00

Hanna HI 3896 Soil Chemical Test Kit (25 test each)

The HI3896 is a chemical test kit that uses colorimetry and turbidimetry to measure four parameters common in soil testing: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and pH. The HI3896 is supplied with all of the necessary reagents and equipment to perform each analysis, and all reagents are individually available as they run out. Hanna’s Soil Test Kit provides users with a fundamental tool to assess important characteristics related to soil quality.
From $177.75

HI96822 Seawater Refractometer

Digital Refractometer for Seawater Analysis - HI96822
From $387.87

Hanna Instruments Calibration Solutions

Hanna Instruments Calibration Solutions
From $36.12

HI 8424 – Portable pH/mV/C° Meter

HI 8424 is one of the most popular pH meters on the market. This instrument is able to perform pH, ORP and temperature measurements with a high degree of accuracy and fast response.
From $129.71

HI 98143-20 - pH and EC Transmitter with Isolated Output (0-1 V, 0-4 V, 4 -20 mA input)

HI-98143 is a pH and conductivity transmitter designed to accept signals directly from a pH electrode and a conductivity probe at the same time.
From $1,257.15

Assorted pH Electrodes & Probes for Hanna Meters

Hanna Instruments offers a wide variety of pH electrodes that are designed for many different applications. The type of glass used for sensing pH, bulb shape, body material, type of junction, type of reference and electrolyte used are just some of the design considerations.
From $321.49

Assorted parts, spares, and components for Hanna Instruments.

Need something not on the list? Send us an email with the manufacturer's part number and we'll do what we can to source it
From $70.70

Primo TDS Tester

Primo TDS tester is a rugged and reliable pocket-sized tester that offers quick and accurate readings. Primo
From $72.75