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In-Line filter

In-line Filters for tubing and other connections!

Available from the world's leading brands - 3M Deutschland, GE Healthcare, Whatman, Sartorius and more!

Here you will find filters of varying sizes, qualities, porosity, flow rates and build materials, to suit your application.

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In-Line-Filter, disposable, Polydisc TF™

In-Line-Filter, disposable, Polydisc TF™ Mounted in a robust PP housing. All have a low hold-u...
From $276.00

In-line filters Midisart ® 2000

In-line filters Midisart ® 2000 For sterile ventilation of fermenters, culture vessels, etc. or...
From $273.00

In-line filters Midisart ® BV, PTFE

In-line filters Midisart ® BV, PTFE Housing PP. Gamma-irradiatable Sterile Venting Filter for S...
From $255.00

Capsule filters LifeASSURE™ PFS Series, PTFE

Capsule filters LifeASSURE™ PFS Series, PTFE LifeASSURE™ PFS 50 capsule filters are idea...
From $199.00


LLG-Inline-filters The 50mm inline filter with it's ultra pure Polypropylene housing (ultrasonic wel...
From $65.00