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Mensch Hygiene  - Aprons, Beard Masks, Clear Gloves, Presentation Boards

Mensch products include the patented catch-ball system for organising paper as well as the super clear polyclassic gloves perfect for handling food. Mensch products are suitable for commercial kitchens or for organising the laboratory

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Presentation boards, Catch-ball system

Presentation boards, Catch-ball system An innovative solution to the age-old problem of organising ...
From $61.00

Disposable Gloves Polyclassic, LDPE

Disposable Gloves Polyclassic, LDPE The glove Polyclassic LDPE is made from transparent low density...
From $3.00

Beard Mask, White, PP, Detectable

Beard Mask, White, PP, Detectable This beard mask has a detectable strip on the inside. That's why i...
From $48.00

Working and Chemical Protective Apron LDPE

Working and Chemical Protective Apron LDPE Apron, LDPE, 25µm, white, plain or 33µm, whit...
From $14.00

Poncho, transparent, PE

Poncho, transparent, PE Single-use poncho made of 25µm thick polyethylene foil Versatile, e.g...
From $17.00

Undergloves, long, polycotton

Undergloves, long, polycotton Polycotton. Ideal to wear under chemical protection gloves. Bags with ...
From $22.00

Toothpick in dispenser

Toothpick in dispenser Toothpick in dispenser, loose with 2 tips, pack of 1000 per dispenser....
From $52.00

Overshoes for dispenser HYGOMAT

Overshoe dispenser HYGOMAT COMFORT / CLEANROOM no electrical power needed easy to use, no need fo...
From $33.00