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Pasteur pipettes

Pasteur pipettes manufactured from transparent PE, available in sterile or non-sterile. With graduations and sizes from 1ml to 10ml.

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Aspiration pipettes, sterile

Aspiration pipettes, sterile 2ml aspirator pipette, non graduated, sterile, single wrapped, paper/pl...
From $114.00

LLG-Pasteur pipettes, Soda-lime glass

LLG-Pasteur pipettes, Soda-lime glass Single use. With uniform shape and length. With long drawn, 1....
From $57.00

Pipettes, Pasteur, PE

Pipettes, Pasteur, PE For transfer of liquids. Resitant against almost all acids. Soft and elastic b...
From $21.00

LLG-Pasteur Pipettes, PE

LLG-Pasteur Pipettes, PE Manufactured from transparent PE. Sterile or non-sterile. Graduated....
From $20.00

Pasteur pipettes, Soda-lime-glass

Pasteur pipettes, Soda-lime-glass ISO 7712. Long drawn-out capillary tip. Suction end with constrict...
From $18.00