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Photometers and photometer accessories including spectrophotometers, glass cuvettes, plastic cuvettes and speicalised spectrophotometers for the laboratory

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Polarimeter SAC-i 589/882

Polarimeter SAC-i 589/882 Measurement Scales: Angle of rotation, specific rotation, International Su...
From $28,265.00

Polarimeter P8000 series

Polarimeter P8000 series The P8000 with a measurement accuracy of ±0.003° and the P8100 t...
From $22,307.00

Polarimeter AP-300

Polarimeter AP-300 Model AP-300 is generally used in pharmaceutical, perfume, cosmetic, industrial, ...
From $19,045.00

Automatic Polarimeter P3000

Automatic Polarimeter P3000 Polarimeter without sample temperature control for standard applications...
From $13,818.00

Spectrophotometer Model 6850

Spectrophotometer Model 6850 Double beam spectrophotometer with a variable spectral bandwidth. The h...
From $11,881.00

Spectrophotometer Genova Nano

Spectrophotometer Genova Nano The Genova Nano micro-volume spectrophotometer measures small sample v...
From $11,168.00

Polarimeter Polax-2L

Polarimeter Polax-2L The Polax-2L (manually-operating meter with digital indicator) is widely used i...
From $11,085.00

Spectrophotometer Genova Plus, for Life Science

Spectrophotometer Genova Plus, for Life Science The Genova Plus is a UV/visible spectrophotometer de...
From $8,792.00

Spectrophotometers XD 7000 VIS and XD 7500 UV-VIS

Spectrophotometers XD 7000 VIS and XD 7500 UV-VIS UV-VIS and VIS spectrophotometers with dual beam o...
From $7,707.00

Flame Photometer PFP7

Flame Photometer PFP7 Industrial analysis Low temperature Incl. Na, K, Ca, Ba und Li filters El...
From $7,619.00

Spectrophotometer LLG-uni SPEC 2 and 4

LLG-uniSPEC 4, Spectrophotometer uniSPEC 4 is a reasonably priced UV/VIS-spectrophotometer suitable ...
From $7,296.00

Spectrophotometer Models 7310 / 7315

Spectrophotometer Models 7310 / 7315 Models 7310 and 7315 use icon driven software and have an impro...
From $5,484.00