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Precision balances

Precision Balances and Platform Scales

Available from the world's leading brands - A&D, Kern & Sohn, Ohaus and Sartorius

Precision balances, battery powered for portable weighing of small weights and mains powered for in the laboratory use. Useful for letters, parcels, jewellery, gold, other precious metals and other small items needing accuracy down to 0.01mg. Platform balances for weights from 0.01mg to 30kg.

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Precision balances Quintix ®

Precision balances Quintix ® Intuitive application guidance, start of applications with only on...
From $3,484.00

Precision balance "Precise" Type PBS/PBJ

Precision balance "Precise" Type PBS/PBJ only PBJ: Automatic internal adjustment in case of a chan...
From $2,095.00

Precision balances Entris ®

Precision balances Entris ® Get the reliability and quality of a Sartorius balance and pay only...
From $1,654.00

Precision balances Practum ®

Precision balances Practum ® Unmatched reliability with the world-class weighing instrument. Made i...
From $1,563.00

Precision balances PES / PEJ

Precision balances PES / PEJ Robust laboratory and industrial precision scale for heavy items. Only...
From $1,524.00

Precision Balances Adventurer ®

Precision Balances Adventurer ® Fast stabilization and reliable operation to ensure solid wei...
From $1,509.00

FZ-i/FX-i Series Precision Balances

FZ-i/FX-i Series Precision Balances
From $1,273.87

Precision Balances Pioneer™

Precision Balances Pioneer™ The Economical Choice of Balance for Routine Weighing Applications...
From $1,262.00

Precision Balances FX-i series

Precision Balances FX-i series fast stabilization speed (1 second) compact B5 size large, brig...
From $1,202.00

Precision balance Type PLS/PLJ

Precision balance Type PLS/PLJ ergonomically optimised keypad for left and right-handed users rin...
From $1,034.00

Kern & Sohn Precision Balance PNS/PNJ

Kern & Sohn Precision Balance PNS/PNJ
From $1,034.00

Precision balance PLJ-C / PLJ-GM

Precision balance PLJ-C / PLJ-GM Automatic internal adjustment in the case of a change in temperat...
From $1,034.00
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